By now you may have heard of the AllAdvantage "get paid while you surf" program that has hit the Internet lately. Their website is the 13th most-visited website on the internet, and they have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, U.S. News Online, and on the NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw among many others. What I'm about to tell you is that despite whatever doubts you might have, this program works.

And it works GREAT!

Here's a scan of the check I received in December.

check for $41.75

As you can see, I was paid $41.75 in December for doing nothing other than using my computer like I normally would.

My own finacial goals for this program are to have it pay my cell phone bill each month.

Is this possible?


Here's how...

AllAdvantage pays you 53 cents an hour to surf the net while their "viewbar" is displayed, if you are in the USA. The reason they can afford to do this is because they have advertisers who pay them to host their banners. These banners are displayed in the AllAdvantage viewbar during your web surfing session. AllAdvantage has over 6 million users - that's a lot of eyeballs using the viewbar. It is a huge audience for potential advertisers, worldwide.

AllAdvantage pays members in local currencies in over 25 countries worldwide. For over a year they have sent checks to members every month, and proven themselves to be viable, while changing the rules on the internet. They have a sophisticated payment and accounting system to support their more than 6 million worldwide members. Advertisements are country specific, so if you're in the USA, you won't be seeing banner ads that are in Japanese.

You're probably asking yourself...

"Yeah, but who wants all those banners cluttering up my screen?" That's what I thought at first, but the fact of the matter is that the viewbar doesn't really interfere with any of your computer's functionality. It sits below your web browser, either Netscape or Internet Explorer. If you have a 17" monitor, like many people do, you'll hardly notice it.

"How can AllAdvantage afford to actually pay 6 million people by the hour?" The simple answer is ADVERTISERS. Think of it this way. You watch TV or listen to the radio, and excluding cable or satelite TV, you never pay a dime for any of the sitcoms, news, music, etc. that TV and radio broadcast. Everyone knows that advertisers completely support both of these media, and they've been very successful for many, many years now. TV and radio must provide entertaining or informative content to draw an audience to their station. With an audience, advertisers and their dollars are attracted. TV and radio exist to get paying ads in front of consumers, the fact that the consumer gets entertainment from it is simply an added bonus. AllAdvantage is supported in the same way, except, they don't need to lure you into using the web . People are using the web a lot already, and the challenge that faces AllAdvantage is not to get people to use the web, rather to get those paying ads in front of the audience. With revenues similar to those of a TV or radio station, but none of the costs of programing (sitcoms, news, music, etc.), AllAdvantage can afford to simply pay their audience to view the ads on the viewbar.

"How does a few cents an hour amount to hundreds a month?" That's easy. AllAdvantage will also pay you for referring others to the program. You get paid for 4 levels of referrals you make to AllAdvantage. Let me give you a hypothetical example. Suppose you tell just 5 friends about the program, and they become your direct referrals. AllAdvantage will pay you 10 cents for each hour your direct referrals use their browser. These 5 friends spend only 10 hours a month with their browsers...

(5 referrals) X (10 cents/hour) X (10 hours/ referral) = $5.00.

Now that is a far cry from hundreds a month, but AllAdvantage pays you for 4 levels of referrals. Now say that your 5 friends, your direct referrals, each get 5 people to join under them, and the 25 new people each spend 10 hours a month with their browsers. AllAdvantage pays you 5 cents an hour for each hour your extended referrals spend with their web brower. The numbers are growing...

(25 indirect referrals) X (5 cents/hour) X (10 hours/referral) = $12.50.

Let me add everything up for you now. You yourself spend just 10 hours a month earning with the AllAdvantage Viewbar. You're paid 53 cents an hour, and make $5.30 each month. Your 5 direct referrals earn you an additional $5.00 per month, and your 25 indirect referrals are earning you $12.50 more. So, each month you're making an easy $22.80 for doing what you already are doing, surfing the web. And this is only to two levels, with only 10 hours a month. AllAdvantage pays each member for up to 15 hours a month (for the month of June), and there is no limit on the number of referrals you can have. If the scenario where continued, with each referral getting just 5 of their friends or family members to join, and if everyone spent an easy 15 hours a month surfing the web with the Viewbar, this is what you'd have...

(3900 indirect referrals) X (5 cents/hour) X (15 hours/referral) = $2,925.00.

The potential is there for you to make thousands of dollars a month by spending 15 hours a month surfing the web with the Viewbar and having told only 5 of your friends about the program. Can you see the power in this program?

"Doesn't that make AllAdvantage on of those cheesy multi-level marketing programs?" Technically, yes, AllAdvantage is a multi-level marketing program due to the different numbers of levels you get paid for. But...

You don't have to have cartons of dishwashing detergent stored in your basement, or contact every single friend and relative you have to sell them life insurance either.

That's the beauty of this - a significant high paying program without any of the drawbacks of traditional multi-level marketing plans. All you do is use your computer and recommend the program to others to do the same. No direct selling of any kind!

Now I don't expect to get rich by sitting at home and surfing the web. That is unrealistic. However, I do believe that I can suppliment my income and be able to buy myself a few things I couldn't otherwise afford, thanks to AllAdvantage.

The power is in the numbers.

My full-time job is with one of the largest advertising agencies in Portland, Oregon. Since I'm viewing AllAdvantage not only as an individual consumer, but also with a keen professional interest, I may understand better than most how and why AllAdvantage is a success. Within the advertising industry, AllAdvantage has made a big splash, and have very quickly changed the way advertising is done on the Internet. Trade publications such as Ad Week, Media Week, and Advertising Age have all spoken highly of AllAdvantage, and the concept of paying people to surf the web. Aside from the fact that I've received checks from AllAdvantage, from a professional standpoint, AllAdvantage is a sure bet.

To join AllAdvantage, and start earning money for yourself, just click the banner below.

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AllAdvantage is for real, and fully legal. If you exceed a certain dollar amount, you'll be asked for tax information, and Uncle Sam will get a cut.

AllAdvantage has recently revised payment plans for international referrals. A chart detailing the payment structure is available on the AllAdvantage website.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to e-mail me at: